Mixed Berry and White Chocolate Cinnabon


2 eggs
50grams sugar
½ tablespoon salt
1 cup milk
10grams instant yeast
170 grams butter
560grams flour
1 cup chopped white chocolate
2 cups Früzo Mixed Berries
100 grams butter
100 grams ground almonds
200 grams brown sugar
1 tablespoon cinnamon


  • Whisk together eggs and sugar
  • Heat milk until it is lukewarm (not to hot) mix in yeast and stir to combine
  • Add milk to egg mixture
  • Whisk well
  • Add melted butter and whisk well
  • Add half of flour and salt and whisk to combine
  • Add remaining flour, start to knead your dough until silky smooth
  • Cover bowl and allow to double in size
  • Whist dough is rising, in a bowl mix together butter sugar and almonds mix well to form a paste
  • Once it had risen take out dough and roll out on a floured top in a rectangular shape and about 3cm thick
  • Place paste on the dough, sprinkle chopped chocolate and place mixed berries over the top
  • Roll dough up to create a long sausage.
  • Cut in to 5cm rounds
  • Places in a greased/lined dish and allow to rise again until doubled in size
  • Bake in an 180°c preheated oven for 45mins or until the tops are golden brown

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