Sally Howell

Litchi Ice Cream

Ingredients:⁣⁣ 500 ml Cream⁣⁣ 125 ml Castor Sugar⁣⁣ 6 Egg Yolks⁣⁣ 2 Cups Früzo Litchis⁣⁣ 5 ml Salt⁣⁣ 10ml Vanilla Essence⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Method:⁣ • Beat Cream until Stiff Peak than place in the fridge⁣⁣• Beat Castor Sugar and Egg Yolks together until pale lemon in color.⁣⁣• Approximately 10 min⁣⁣• Puree the litchis⁣⁣• Add the egg …

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Prawn and Litchi Cocktail

Ingredients:⁣ 350g Prawns cleaned and peeled⁣ 250g Früzo Litchi defrosted⁣ 10ml Butter⁣ 5ml Olive Oil⁣ 60ml Mayonnaise⁣ 60ml tomato sauce⁣ 5ml Worcestershire Sauce⁣ 5ml Whiskey – Optional⁣ Salt and Pepper⁣ ⁣ Method:⁣ Make sure Prawns tails are cleaned⁣ In a bowl mix together mayonnaise, tomato sauce, Worcestershire⁣ sauce, tabasco, whiskey salt, and pepper⁣ Heat Butter …

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Litchi Lemonade ⁣

Ingredients: ⁣ 2 Cups Früzo Litchis Frozen⁣ 4 Cups Water ⁣ Juice of 1 Lemon ⁣ 60ml Sugar ⁣ Mint to garnish ⁣ ⁣ Method: In a Blender add the litchis, water, sugar and lemon juice. Pour mixture through a sieve, garnish with mint leaves and Früzo Blueberries Products featured in this Recipe